Why Rabbits Like Carrots – Usually

why rabbits like carrots usually


It is not because I am King that my preference is for other, more exciting, vegetables than the humble carrot. Oh no! The truth is far more sinister; but first I will tell you why rabbits like carrots – usually.

Rabbits are rather like men and struggle to think outside of the lines preferring to colour their lives with crayons which they share with one and all. That is to say that many bunnies have given up on free thought preferring to rest in the safety zone of accepted societal norms.

In the beginning there was the carrot, a humble yet useful veg, which the bunnies adopted and held in high regard. For this orange coloured root was easily conserved during the dark winter months and thus became an accepted staple in the rabbit diet but one year there was a Carrot famine and many of my furry brethren died a slow death – through starvation. Those that survived were emaciated and broken for they had lost many they loved and yet they learnt nothing; it was only a few decades later that the exact same disaster struck again, as a swarm of unsightly bugs ravaged the roots, leaving the larder bare. Yet again, many died and still those that survived continued as before learning nothing about the folly of relying too heavily upon any one thing – be it veggie, mineral or sentient being.

why rabbits like carrots usually

To be honest I’d prefer a cigar!

Fortunately, there was a small band of renegade bunnies that split from normal thinking and started a cooperative farm where they experimented with growing many diverse and ludicrous looking produce, the seeds of which had been collected on field trips in unknown lands! These critical thinking rabbits were my forebunnies and as a baby, bunny boy I enjoyed all manner of colourful and crunchy delights upon my platter and grew up in a wonderfully free and libertine environment. Creativity was encouraged and, if you look in my shop, you will see collages and designs that I have created by my own fair paw!

So, my beautiful non-furry, skin covered subjects you now know the story of the humble carrot and why your King prefers more majestic fodder.

And I leave you with this one thought to ponder upon: What came first the carrot or seed?

God Bless xox

king george the oracle bunny


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