When You Lose a Friend

when you lose a friend

My dear fellow, and friend, Baron Boris passed to spirit this week and I am a sad King for, despite appearances, this was an esteemed soul who deserved better than he received. Boris was a dog and a loyal companion – with not a bad bone in his malodorous body. He was my friend and when you lose a friend you feel the loss sorely.

Boris resolutely refused to come into my Palace preferring to wander free as his spirit dictated but he was misunderstood and ostracised by the local people who preferred to beat him and chase him off their patch. To them he was just a nuisance street dog not worthy of their respect.

When I used to walk, Boris was often by my side and we would chat convivially. Dear Boris would come to me when beaten for solace and comfort but refused my offers to join my court.

This week he turned up with a leg seemingly broken and a swollen face. This was the third time in 5 months that he had limped to the Palace doors to be tended, after being needlessly abused, and I looked after him myself before retiring to call my physician.

It transpired that Boris had simply passed by to say farewell for he took himself off to quietly die.

My wonderful friend did not die of his injuries; rather he died of a broken spirit – for no sentient being deserves, or can withstand, unwarranted and continual abuse.

I have spoken to the angels who tell me he is safe with them now and I am happy for Baron Boris but sorrowful for myself; for no longer will I be greeted by this pure spirit as I go about my Kingly duties.

And now, to those that chose to abuse a soul as pure as mountain spring water: I will not condemn nor condone the perpetrators of this heinous crime for, although I am King, I am not God.  They will be dealt with upon returning to spirit as each and everyone of us is, whether we chose to believe this or not. When we die, we go through ‘transition’ whereby we are held to account for our life long doings; we are not judged but assessed and those that abuse, or have led less than auspicious lives, have karmic debts to pay.

And so, to finish I raise a glass of carrot juice to my dear friend, Baron Boris, and wish him well in the etheric fields.

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