To Skin a Rabbit

to skin a rabbit

I, King George, am a Standard, no frills or ruffs, European Royal Rabbit and my neighbours have many of my relatives’ captive for cooking. Now this is a sad state of affairs for, like me, they are of royal blood and do not deserve to be served up on a platter – and yet I must accept that to skin a rabbit is part of some of my peoples’ way of being.

Humans, you see, were knitted to be both omnivore and carnivore and although my personal preference is for leaves, nuts and such, I cannot condemn those that chose to eat my kin.

However, there are ways, and less auspicious ways, of farming animals for the table and I urge all of my subjects to consume less meat, fish and poultry and source that, which passes their lips, from ethically managed establishmentss where the animals live happy, albeit short, lives.

I also suggest honouring the beast by being mindful of it’s sacrifice and not being wasteful of the bounty upon your table.

how to skin a rabbit

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