The Enlightened Life

the enlightened life

I, King George, am like most of my bunny compatriots; long eared, twitchy nosed, partial to a fun-some binky and living the enlightened life!

Have you ever stopped and observed furry, feathered, scaly, shelled or chitin backed – winged delights and realised how simple their natural way of being, ‘lives’, actually are? The cow chews the cud languorously with no concept of time or deadline. The bee buzzes about its business and bunnies follow the natural rhythm of tide and moon. Things only got complicated when man, in his erroneous, arrogant wisdom decided to fix a system that was not broke!

It is very easy to take things for granted and forget to be grateful.

Please, don’t get me wrong for man is my most favourite, skin coated species; and I enjoy many of his peculiarities – including Netflix and popcorn on a wet Sunday afternoon! Yet I tell you, my subjects, to look towards nature and the animal kingdom if you wish to live a simpler life. For we ‘lesser creatures’ have much of value to share with those with a keen eye and sensibilities.

For instance: where or from whence do you think the fad of twerking originated and is it a coincidence that chickens come home to roost at dusk?

bunnies love bananas

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This work is my gift to my people but, King or not, I must replenish my coffers. And so, I invite you to show your appreciation by leaving a little something ~ from time to time; for everyone needs to live and, although a humble bunny, I have a liking for fresh asparagus tips with nutty sprinkles!


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