The Beauty of Friends

the beauty of friends

Here at my court I am surrounded by beautiful people who fawn and lick around me for favour and I am disgusted by this for when I was little, a weak wee Princeling, no one wanted to know me. The true beauty of friends is not how they look but how they act and my Lords and Ladies are on balance a shallow, self-serving bunch who think I do not see them for who they truly are!

king george and jess

I have a tale to tell about this very thing and, whilst it is hearsay, I know that it is rooted in truth:

Once Upon A Time there was a little girl who knew she was destined for greatness but, at every twist and turn, bad people undermined her and kept her small. Most people would have given up on their dreams of making a difference in the world but this little girl, who grew into a young woman and then a wise crone, still held on to her belief that she had a grand purpose and ambitions to fulfil.

And she was right for she had been sent as a messenger from The Higher Angelic Realms to help people wake up in troubled times and encourage them to break free of all societal chains and live their lives on their own unique terms.

She always knew that she was to be an artist of note, and had an inkling that she was to write a book or two, but she had no idea whatsoever of the scope of her work.

One day she was greeted by a small spirit child who foretold of her greatness and encouraged her to continue, unrewarded and unrecognised, with her work. And, so she did; building solid foundations for a future she could now sense was edging ever closer. Yet still the people ignored her and many undermined her efforts through jealousy and ignorance until one fine day she had an epiphany.

She realised that she had allowed others judgements upon her to keep her in the shadows and so vowed to herself never to listen to so called friends and family who did not value her or her work ever again. With this promise to herself things slowly changed and she became inspired and shone so bright that the people could no longer ignore her!

Quite suddenly friends crawled out of the woodwork wishing to share in her hard won fortune, but the now old crone was not stupid and simply said;

‘The beauty of friends is not to be underestimated but those that are fair weather are ugly and no longer worth my time.’

And with that utterance came great power and greatness!

My story is a common one and it is often my most troubled, maligned subjects who have the most to offer to our troubled world – and so I end today with these words which I hope to inspire you with:

‘Friends are precious but not worth a jot if judgemental and non-supportive of who you really are. You are better off alone than to be surrounded by doubters, haters and users!’

the beauty of friends

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