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Kick the Poop to Touch

Kick the poop to touch

There are several things about rabbits that many folks are unaware of. Most perceive us to be pliable, cute little floofers and would be surprised to hear that we are headstrong, stubborn and prone to bear a grudge. We are slow to kick the poop to touch! I, myself have a kingly penchant for holding on to slights as if they were a juicy raspberry to return to, and savour, time and time again! My personal adviser often advises me on the art of letting go and is dismayed that, despite the size of my auditory apparatus, I do not listen!

mustn't grumble

It can be all too easy to forget to be grateful… #gratitude #enlightenedliving

Just recently one of my Lords was rude to me and told me that my tail was inordinately long and actually an anomaly in the world of the Standard European Lepus. I swiftly rebuked him for his insolence but have since dwelt on his words; turning this way and that straining over my shoulder to see, in my mirror, if he is right.

Finding myself obsessed with his insult I eventually asked Queen Niddy;

‘Does my tail look big in this?!’

To which she harshly replied;

‘George, for goodness sake you are King and pay a princely sum to have a personal adviser who councils you to let go of things that do not serve your best interests. Lord Not-So-Kind is known for his nastiness and is jealous of your status and fine coat. He was simply being spiteful with his remark. Please, listen to me – even if you refuse to listen to your coach: let it go George and move on to more flowery fields for your tail is perfect just the way it is!’

Embarrassed, I now share my folly with you as a cautionary tale for, in life, there are many who wish to undermine and be mean to others. So, my people, we must not take to heart their nastiness which is designed to diminish our light. Rather we must confound them with our good grace and resilience and view them as little more than a pesky stinkbug on a hot day!

bunnies love bananas

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Whilst I might be King I have obligations to my staff whom do for me. I am vehemently against raising the tax burden on my subjects, and so I politely ask those that can afford to be generous to consider donating to my help keep the staff happy fund!