Sometimes I am a Bit of a Blabber Mouth

sometimes I am a bit of a blabber mouth

Sometimes I am a bit of a blabber mouth and tell people things that would be better left unsaid. Just the other day my chops ran off without me and I ended up telling a secret which would have been best left buried in my burrow.

Oh boy – did I suffer the consequence of my errant indiscretion!

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I was quietly sitting in my library perusing the pages of Rampant Rabbits when Lord Repeat-All came in and, before I knew what I was doing, I had told him about the time, when young, that I had lied to cook about stealing her pumpkin pie. This was an innocent enough tale recounted in jest but sadly it was repeated to cook who, now rather elderly, is grumpy and somewhat past her sell by date! That said, I indulge her for she makes the most magnificent meringues with raspberry leaf coulis and was always a cheery egg before she slid on a custard tart and slipped a disc.

Anyway, true to form, it would appear, Lord Repeat-All hopped by the palace kitchen and without malice shared my pernicious, pumpkin parlé with cook; for, that evening, instead of my favourite asparagus tips I was served an undignified mushy mound of over boiled, pungent sprouts which smelt like a garbage patch on an extremely hot day!


And so: I counsel you not to let your lips run away with you; for often tales told in confidence can land you in hot water or worse be used against you in spite.

We are each given two eyes, two ears and one mouth and would be wise to use them in that proportion. A silly fellow, with enormous auditory appendages, you would think that I would learn to heed my own advice for, my subjects, I truly do detest brussel sprouts – and felt liverish for a week after cook’s evil revenge!

sometimes I am a bit of a blabber mouth


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