Rabbits Don’t Judge

rabbits don't judge

Here’s a lesson I’d like to share with you, my subjects, that you can emulate – for I strive to lead by example: Rabbits don’t judge.

When I look in the mirror I have big protruding gnashers and enormous lugs which set me apart from most and leave me open for judgement and ridicule! And so, I refrain from judging others for I am tired of being laughed, or whispered about, for an evolutionary, quirky0 accoutrement.

rabbits don't judge

That is not to say that as King I do not assess others; for I would be a fool not to keep an eye on my entourage – afterall Kings have been betrayed and poisoned historically and it would be all to easy to slip me a dodgy sprout or a sprig of hemlock with my greens! Yet I must be clear: assessing someone or something is not at all the same as judging.




An assessment is made without rancour or malice wheras judgements imply superiority and lack of tolerance for difference.

rabbits don't judge


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