Things aren’t what they used to be for us royals as we too are feeling the pinch what with repairs to the Palace and the ever rising cost of hay and asparagus tips! In the past it was Kings, Queens and aristocratic types that helped creative souls to create beauty and share knowledge for, and with, the peopleĀ  – but over time this form of patronage slipped out of favour.

My forebunnies were great supporters of poets, painters and all sorts of makers, movers and musicians, but, these days, my coffers are depleted and it is I, King George The Oracle Bunny, that needs your patronage.

Together with my secretary, and our team in The Higher Angelic Realms, we create all original content on this site to help spread everyday common sense kindness, wisdom, and a little love and laughter in troubled times. Our site statistics show that our efforts are appreciated and yet my treasury is dry!

Vulgar as it is – for as King I do not easily talk of financial matters, I ask you bunny bluntly to support our work by donating whatever you feel is appropriate and affordable to you and remind you that many pennies make pounds.

And so I, King George, thankyou from the bottom of my heart, wish all of my people well and look forwarding to serving you long into the future.

King George