No One Likes a Know-all

no one like a know all

Have you ever interacted with someone who thinks they know everything whilst in truth they know very little!? No one likes a know-all and yet most indulge them, whereas it would simply be kinder to let them know that they are a know-all and that they would be better served by zipping the lips and listening up!

My own Uncle Charlie used to be a know-all until I cautioned him about his folly several years back.

We were having a royal barbeque in the palace grounds with carrot cutlets and radish relish, and Uncle was living up to his name and being a right Charlie – pontificating on the price of carrots whilst knowing nothing of which he spoke. My guests were politely indulging his nonsense when he ended, with a flourish, by saying;

‘And so, dear ones, you see a carrot is like gold for men who till the land!’

uncle charlie


Well I had had enough and decided to intervene. So, cool as a cucumber, one of my favourite snacks, I interceded with;

‘Uncle Charlie, why do you insist upon holding court at my court upon things you know so little about? You are a blessed buffoon who has never worked a day in your life and know nothing of the fields except for frolicking and snoozing in the sunshine. Let me tell you Uncle, a poor man does not see a carrot as gold but as a humble carrot that has taken months to cultivate and will be crunched up and gone within minutes. If this man thought upon his humble veggie as gold he would starve as you would do too, if not for the good grace of this court and my people – for do you not yourself hoard gold under your mattress?’

Shocked my Lords and Ladies gasped for not only was Charlie a right Charlie he was also a miser who claimed poverty and scrounged off of all and sundry!

And so, you may wonder why I air my family’s dirty laundry thus – and it is to simply say:

‘There is no fool greater than the fool that thinks he knows all!’

uncle charlie

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