Never Judge a Book by it’s Cover

never judge a book by its cover

To be honest the phrase ‘Never Judge a Book by its Cover’ is a fine colloquialism indeed, for I, King George The Oracle Bunny, have found the most tasty books to nibble are usually the ones with the least inspiring covers!

never judge a book by its's cover

As an oracle I predict that should you follow my example you too may be surprised by the delights within a package all too easily dismissed, by the majority of my people, as unappealing.

I am a Monarch and, as such, have an adoring entourage who fawn and lick my toosh but my team in The Higher Angelic Realms always tell it to me straight! They say:

‘King George you are appointed by God to do his bidding and look after the people but, really dear fellow, you must stop destroying books for they are creative endeavour packaged neatly for intellectual consumption and are not intended as a noble, idle snack!’

king george the oracle bunny

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