If I Were King – But Wait, I am!

If I Were King

If I were King – but wait I am! – Reminds me of a dream I had when I was little and the world was full of adventure and promise.

In this imagining I scampered around the field with my siblings whilst Nanny watched over us all; and I pictured the day of my coronation when I would command all that I saw. It was a scary dream for I became over zealous in my position of state and forgot my roots and people. I ruled with an iron paw and cared not a jot for those that served. I was rich beyond imagining and hoarded my wealth as my people lived in poverty; and I had no care for the welfare of the plebs’ who worked tirelessly for my aggrandisement.

Slowly I tightened my grip on society until my people were as free as birds in cages and, only then, was I happy to see the power I had to command a life, and rob a soul of the chance for joy and growth.

When I stirred from my day dream I felt rather poorly as I realised the poverty of my thoughts and I vowed to be a King worthy of the title and my people. Yet I am only a rabbit King and so, sadly, have limited jurisdiction. Today, I am horrified to see my ministers, and those in positions of corporate or religious power, lording it so over the common man.

Little did I realise that my mind chunterings were in fact a prophecy of the foolishness of humanity that allows a small percentage of men to control all wealth and lives to the detriment of the individual and collective.

I am your King and I command you to look to ways to restructure society so as each and every man, woman and child can be happy, secure and successful in their own right.

if i were king

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