Hello and Welcome to my Kingdom

hello and welcome

I wish to introduce myself; I am King George The Oracle Bunny and I have wisdom to share. I am a pure breed, bog standard bunny of the field variety, and I am an oracle and sage. Hello and welcome to my kingdom.

hello and welcome to my kingdom

I am anointed by God to be King of the pastures and people and have a direct line to the big man in the sky who defers to me as his rabbit messenger. I am an indulged oryctolagus cuniculus and have much to say in between chomping, binkying around and nosying in dusty corners. My chunterings may appear silly but there is wisdom woven into the folly and I invite you to pop by my virtual palace often for a little light-hearted enlightenment; for, in troubled times, my people need to laugh often and live simple lives on their own terms: and, my bald-faced friends, I am here to lead by bunnicular example.

king george the oracle bunny

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