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3 Things That I, King George The Oracle Bunny, am Embarrassed by:

3 Things I, King George The Oracle Bunny am Embarrassed By

Here. in no particular order, I confide to you 3 things that I, King George The Oracle Bunny, am embarassed by:

1: Money ~ I find it tricky and vulgar.

2: Arguments ~ I avoids confrontation whenever possible – to my detriment.

3: Brussel sprouts!


3 Things King George The Oracle Bunny is Embarrassed By

I am  a delicate fellow and prefer to remain aside from all aggravation, but as I have grown, and stepped into my  individual power and role as head of state, I have come to realise the folly of my ways.

For many take compliances as weakness and if you give some folks one inch they will take a yard!

I wish my people to know that money is nothing more than an exchange of energy.

That it is a foolish soul that allows injustice for fear of confrontation.

And that sprouts are an unfortunate legume with even more unfortunate implications on one’s system and, therefore, only truly good for one thing – the bin!

King George

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Whilst I might be King I have obligations to my staff whom do for me. I am vehemently against raising the tax burden on my subjects, and so I politely ask those that can afford to be generous to consider donating to my help keep the staff happy fund!