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Rabbits Don’t Judge

rabbits don't judge

Here’s a lesson I’d like to share with you, my subjects, that you can emulate – for I strive to lead by example: Rabbits don’t judge.

When I look in the mirror I have big protruding gnashers and enormous lugs which set me apart from most and leave me open for judgement and ridicule! And so, I refrain from judging others for I am tired of being laughed, or whispered about, for an evolutionary, quirky0 accoutrement.

rabbits don't judge

That is not to say that as King I do not assess others; for I would be a fool not to keep an eye on my entourage – afterall Kings have been betrayed and poisoned historically and it would be all to easy to slip me a dodgy sprout or a sprig of hemlock with my greens! Yet I must be clear: assessing someone or something is not at all the same as judging.




An assessment is made without rancour or malice wheras judgements imply superiority and lack of tolerance for difference.

rabbits don't judge


Why Rabbits Like Carrots – Usually

why rabbits like carrots usually


It is not because I am King that my preference is for other, more exciting, vegetables than the humble carrot. Oh no! The truth is far more sinister; but first I will tell you why rabbits like carrots – usually.

Rabbits are rather like men and struggle to think outside of the lines preferring to colour their lives with crayons which they share with one and all. That is to say that many bunnies have given up on free thought preferring to rest in the safety zone of accepted societal norms.

In the beginning there was the carrot, a humble yet useful veg, which the bunnies adopted and held in high regard. For this orange coloured root was easily conserved during the dark winter months and thus became an accepted staple in the rabbit diet but one year there was a Carrot famine and many of my furry brethren died a slow death – through starvation. Those that survived were emaciated and broken for they had lost many they loved and yet they learnt nothing; it was only a few decades later that the exact same disaster struck again, as a swarm of unsightly bugs ravaged the roots, leaving the larder bare. Yet again, many died and still those that survived continued as before learning nothing about the folly of relying too heavily upon any one thing – be it veggie, mineral or sentient being.

why rabbits like carrots usually

To be honest I’d prefer a cigar!

Fortunately, there was a small band of renegade bunnies that split from normal thinking and started a cooperative farm where they experimented with growing many diverse and ludicrous looking produce, the seeds of which had been collected on field trips in unknown lands! These critical thinking rabbits were my forebunnies and as a baby, bunny boy I enjoyed all manner of colourful and crunchy delights upon my platter and grew up in a wonderfully free and libertine environment. Creativity was encouraged and, if you look in my shop, you will see collages and designs that I have created by my own fair paw!

So, my beautiful non-furry, skin covered subjects you now know the story of the humble carrot and why your King prefers more majestic fodder.

And I leave you with this one thought to ponder upon: What came first the carrot or seed?

God Bless xox

king george the oracle bunny


If I Were King – But Wait, I am!

If I Were King

If I were King – but wait I am! – Reminds me of a dream I had when I was little and the world was full of adventure and promise.

In this imagining I scampered around the field with my siblings whilst Nanny watched over us all; and I pictured the day of my coronation when I would command all that I saw. It was a scary dream for I became over zealous in my position of state and forgot my roots and people. I ruled with an iron paw and cared not a jot for those that served. I was rich beyond imagining and hoarded my wealth as my people lived in poverty; and I had no care for the welfare of the plebs’ who worked tirelessly for my aggrandisement.

Slowly I tightened my grip on society until my people were as free as birds in cages and, only then, was I happy to see the power I had to command a life, and rob a soul of the chance for joy and growth.

When I stirred from my day dream I felt rather poorly as I realised the poverty of my thoughts and I vowed to be a King worthy of the title and my people. Yet I am only a rabbit King and so, sadly, have limited jurisdiction. Today, I am horrified to see my ministers, and those in positions of corporate or religious power, lording it so over the common man.

Little did I realise that my mind chunterings were in fact a prophecy of the foolishness of humanity that allows a small percentage of men to control all wealth and lives to the detriment of the individual and collective.

I am your King and I command you to look to ways to restructure society so as each and every man, woman and child can be happy, secure and successful in their own right.

if i were king

To Skin a Rabbit

to skin a rabbit

I, King George, am a Standard, no frills or ruffs, European Royal Rabbit and my neighbours have many of my relatives’ captive for cooking. Now this is a sad state of affairs for, like me, they are of royal blood and do not deserve to be served up on a platter – and yet I must accept that to skin a rabbit is part of some of my peoples’ way of being.

Humans, you see, were knitted to be both omnivore and carnivore and although my personal preference is for leaves, nuts and such, I cannot condemn those that chose to eat my kin.

However, there are ways, and less auspicious ways, of farming animals for the table and I urge all of my subjects to consume less meat, fish and poultry and source that, which passes their lips, from ethically managed establishmentss where the animals live happy, albeit short, lives.

I also suggest honouring the beast by being mindful of it’s sacrifice and not being wasteful of the bounty upon your table.

how to skin a rabbit

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Hello and Welcome to my Kingdom

hello and welcome

I wish to introduce myself; I am King George The Oracle Bunny and I have wisdom to share. I am a pure breed, bog standard bunny of the field variety, and I am an oracle and sage. Hello and welcome to my kingdom.

hello and welcome to my kingdom

I am anointed by God to be King of the pastures and people and have a direct line to the big man in the sky who defers to me as his rabbit messenger. I am an indulged oryctolagus cuniculus and have much to say in between chomping, binkying around and nosying in dusty corners. My chunterings may appear silly but there is wisdom woven into the folly and I invite you to pop by my virtual palace often for a little light-hearted enlightenment; for, in troubled times, my people need to laugh often and live simple lives on their own terms: and, my bald-faced friends, I am here to lead by bunnicular example.

king george the oracle bunny