Bunny Balls to Gender

bunny balls to gender

The other day I was chillaxing with my better half, Queen Niddy – the white Queen, when we started to argue about which gender, male or female, was of greater importance. My wife in her queenly wisdom told me to shut up when I refused to allow her to speak, for I was hogging the conversation and busily pontificating on the superiority of the male sex. Finally, disgusted with my show of male chauvinism, she thumped her feet, turned and huffily hopped off countering – ‘Bunny balls to gender!’ And I was left alone in my throne room to ponder on my foolishness for, of course, I was wrong!

In my court there is a wise magician whom we call ‘The Man Who Can’ – for he has ancient knowledge and power beyond most mortals. His real name is Nicholas. I have often sat with him, since our chance meeting in the Beech woods on the furthest reaches of my realm, and discussed things of an esoteric nature. It was he who first introduced me to the magical world of alchemy and hermeticism and opened my eyes to truths that most men have long forgotten. Nicholas is an adept: which is to say that he has mastered the 7 Universal Laws of the Universe and is able to transmute energy; he is a true wizard and a welcome addition to my court.

One of the 7 Universal Laws of the Universe is called The Law of Gender and this law quite clearly states that each and every creation is a harmonious blend of both male and female energies – which is to say that to be complete and grounded any, and all, must embrace and fully encompass and express both gender aspects within their being. That is not to say that I must bonk Queen Niddy continuously, like a randy rabbit fixated on expressing my masculinity through carnal relations. No! Rather, I must acknowledge my maleness whilst consciously balancing it with my femaleness. To be a true man one must be in tune with their feminine and to be a true female one must be in tune with their masculine for without both attributes in balance one becomes unbalanced – either too bunny-bonkers aggressive, or too fluffy-bunny soft and candy floss saccharine!

That night, shamefaced – my tail between my legs, I tippy-toed into our bed chamber to find my dear Knitty Niddy sitting up in bed conjuring up some woolly purple bed socks for me! She looked up from her needles, and simply said;

‘George you are fortunate that I am able to express both my female and maleness equally for if not you would have cold feet at night and no one to help you rule the unruly who strive to stir trouble daily. Really dear heart you simply must get The Man Who Can to explain to you again The Law of Gender – or read this HERE,’

she finished, as she handed me her tablet from the bedside table.

queen nidddy

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