Bunnies Love Bananas

bunnies love bananas

Bunnies love Bananas is an amusing phrase that conjures up magical images of one slipping on a discarded peel and landing, softly, on their tail! It is also a quirky little alliteration which gives I, King George The Oracle Bunny, the opportunity to recount a story about this exotic fruit.

Are you sitting reasonably comfy? Then I will begin:

Many years ago, there was an explorer bunny called Sir Walter Rabbit and on the command of his Queen he travelled the globe, which by the way is round not flat as some eejits would have you believe, conquering faraway lands. When he and his men landed on foreign shores’ they arrogantly assumed superiority over the native peoples and treated them, and their homes, with utter disrespect. They pillaged and plundered and took what they desired without a care for the indigenous folks. They then sailed home triumphant with their ships full of stolen goods and waltzed into court where they were feted as heroes. And yet, the truth is that they were little more than dirty criminals.

As time passed legions of holy men hopped on board the ships bound for these conquered colonies hellbent on selling the primitive heathen people foreign religion which was conceived to control and subjugate all common men. Those that refused to cow to the Christian word were summarily despatched to their maker; and so, people cowed to the might of the sword.

Over the years the indigenous folks assimilated into hybrid cultures which emulated their masters and true spiritual belief was lost to the world at large. That is until today when, like the revealing of a banana, there is a mass awakening of my people who, having their eyes peeled, realise that they have, and continue to be manipulated by an elite, that cares not one jot for their wellbeing. Bananas, as tulip bulbs were in the 1600’s to the Dutch people, are currency and King of the elite who keep knowledge to themselves and profligate lies as truth corrupting medicine, education, commerce, banking and all manner of other essential delights.

As your King I have to tread a very fine line, and balance my duties to my Lords, Ladies and people equally. And so, I recently struck a bargain with our maker to shine light on all wrongdoing, both historical and current, in return for an endless supply of bananas. For, on Sunday afternoons, I invite less fortunate souls to my Palace for cucumber sandwiches, banana cake and a rather splendid cup of Lapsang souchong tea!

bunnies love bananas

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