About King George, The Oracle Bunny.

I’m not your average oryctolagus cuniculus, European rabbit, for I am connected to the spiritual realms and have great wisdom to share.

Many of my people claim to be spiritual and yet they are busy selling courses and ideas, as old as mouldy turnips, as if what they share is new, original thought!

I prefer to share my knowledge for free as it was God given to me, for free.

And I pledge to you all, my people, that I will never charge you for what I am gifted.

However, I do predict: I will have a regularly updated line of funny bunny merchandise for you to peruse and purchase, to thus allow my servants a living whilst in my employ.

In a world where nature and people are used as commodities it is my royal intention to spread fun, laughter and wisdom to help each and every person, lowly serf to feted aristocrat, to shine bright and live the high life.

As King George, The Oracle Bunny, I will share things that no other lepus, rabbit, has ever shared and I predict that this will amaze, astound and amuse you.

king george the oracle bunny